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The work of ScarySmart is dedicated to the memory of Hideki Takaguchi, one of Japan's Missing Million, the isolationist population of Hikikomori. In his honor, we have created the Hikikomori World Foundation, which works tirelessly to rescue those battling addiction to video games.

Hideki's battle with seclusion and video game addiction ultimately led him to violence, as he attacked students at Yamamura High School with a paintball gun. This regrettable incident could have been avoided if Hideki had gotten the help he'd needed. 


We at ScarySmart take our part in this epidemic gravely seriously, and consider it our responsibility to reach out to those in danger. If you or someone you know is, or may become, a Hikikomori, please CONTACT US.

To learn about Hikikomori, we suggest you start with Kaitlin Stainbrook's informative article, Madlen Davies piece for the Daily Mail, or the documentary, Hikikomori: A Deafening Silence.

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