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This site is has been decommissioned and archived by order of The Cyberterror Task Force.

 Scarysmart and its intellectual properties have been liquidated with all proceeds  going to the Victims Settlement Fund adjudicated by Special Master Kevin Dale Greenberg.

This page has been archived and is no longer being updated. It may include obsolete or out-of-date information.

We at ScarySmart believe in making the best games for everyone, because games enrich lives and tell great stories.  We welcome you to join our games, and enjoy the fanciful worlds that we've created just for you.  From our headquarters in Tokyo, we are constantly looking out for you, aspiring to give you the best experience possible.



The game that started it all!  Shoot and loot your way to success in over two dozen intense battlefield scenarios.  Upgrade your weapons and armor, and crush your enemies!


​The game that CHANGED the game forever!  Completely immersive, constantly updating, and always aiming to change your life for the better.  Join today!

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